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  • Sgabello ceramicha Torsonudo
  • Sgabello ceramicha Torsonudo

Giovanni D’Angelo’s ceramic factory gives customers a wonderfully unique opportunity to experience the true heart and passion of Sicilian Handcrafted Ceramics.

Since 1861, the D’Angelo family of great masters has excelled in their craft.Young Giovanni represents an exceptional family history of traditional Sicilian ceramics that melds gracefully together with his natural eye for modern Italian style and art.

Giovanni’s incredible craftsmanship married with Italy’s famous style and colors result in his impeccable and unique interpretations of ceramics and traditional Sicilian tiles. His tiles are artwork, used in homes and commercial settings to create gorgeous flooring designs, walls and surfaces, even modern staircases and luxurious bathrooms... These are often coupled with his creations of usable artwork: plates; ornaments; stools; pottery and other objects d’art that are designed to adapt well to any setting.

Giovanni would be delighted to show you around his factory shop and demonstrate his antique working methods and old kiln ovens that are still in use today after many generations. Polizzi Generosa is a little hilltop town rich with art, handicrafts and historical buildings situated in the beautiful park of the Madonie.